Tech Ventures

What we do

Creative Interlace Tech Ventures believes in nurturing innovation.  To that end, we strive to help entrepreneurs foster their ideas with support in all aspects including business consulting, strategic planning, financial forecasting, marketing, sales, operations management, software development, and funding.

Business Consulting, Strategic Planning, and Execution

What separates a successful startup is a high level of planning and execution.  CI TECH Ventures has the experience to bridge the gaps.

Software Development

Successful technology planning, implementation, and development is key to bringing to life an entrepreneur's vision.  Our own in-house technology leaders, developers, designers and engineers have the expertise to deliver bleeding edge experiences.

Marketing and Sales

The correct market to address is often overlooked.  With our extensive marketing experience, we can help determine this and create an optimal sales organization to grow.

Business Development

It may just take a single introduction from our vast network to create the optimal strategic partnership to boost your startup to the next level.

Financial Modeling and Forecasting

A business does not happen by accident. We can help you prepare financial models and budgets to help understand your business.

Funding and Financing

Our extensive network of Micro VCs, Angel Investors, and Family Offices give our portfolio entrepreneurs the visibility to help raise their next round.

CI Tech Ventures